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Riley Hemson

Riley Hemson

December 12, 2021

Today’s guest is Riley Hemson - a wonderful young businesswoman from Wellington who now lives on the Gold Coast and is carving out a huge career as a clothing designer and model for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Riley - or @healthychick101 as she is known to her over 400-thousand followers on Instagram - is someone who has used social media for good.

She's playing a such an important role in making sure the fashion and beauty industry is more inclusive of all types of humans, and it's just bloody awesome to watch. 

Maia Cotton

Maia Cotton

December 6, 2021

From Palmerston North City to New York City...

Maia Cotton is only 22-years old but I told her she could easily write a book of all the interesting things that have happened in her life already.

Making the move to New York at 18, her modelling career took off and resulted in her walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Maia's super honest about the good and the bad of modelling, and how it has affected her over the years.

Plus, Maia talks about having just converted to Judaism because her partner Max is Jewish. It's like Sex and the City but in real life!

Emma Twigg

Emma Twigg

November 29, 2021

Emma Twigg personifies a never give up attitude and we all were witness to that when she won Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

I'm pretty sure most of us cried when she crossed the finish line, because we felt the heartbreak she'd had with a fourth in London and another fourth in Rio. And this time, she'd done what she always knew she could do.

A champion rower with an amazing story about how it all went right on the day.

Ollie Lucks

Ollie Lucks

November 22, 2021

We're chatting to filmmaker Ollie Lucks, who has just released his doco/fly-on-the wall film There’s No I in Threesome. Ollie also stars in this as it's a true story about him and his fiancée, and their decision to open up their relationship and share their exploration of polyamory in the build up to their wedding. 

Polyamory specifically refers to people who have multiple romantic relationships at the same time.

And look this is a spoiler without it really being a spoiler - the relationship doesn’t end well. But by crikey it leaves us with a delightfully interesting, sad and fascinating film.

Available to watch on Neon from 18 November.



Tegan Yorwarth

Tegan Yorwarth

November 15, 2021

Tegan Yorwarth is a bright young radio star who is destined for big things.

She's one third of the brilliant Mai FM Morning Crew and she’s already a wonderful role model for young women - simply through her relatability, her honesty, her presence, not to mention she’s extremely talented.

A lovely chat with a stunning gal!

Abbas Nazari

Abbas Nazari

November 8, 2021

Today’s guest is a remarkable young man with an incredible story. Abbas Nazari was just seven-years old when he and his family fled the Taliban in Afghanistan - and experienced a journey that would last for months - including being stuck onboard the Tampa. This was the boat that Australia horrifically turned its back on resulting in an international stand off 20 years ago. Abbas and his family were accepted to come to New Zealand to be resettled - and it’s from here this amazing man and his amazing family started a new life…

The Fulbright Scholar has written After The Tampa: From Afghanistan to New Zealand and it's an absolute must-read, along with this absolute must-listen episode!

Available at bookstores throughout NZ.


Laura Daniel

Laura Daniel

November 1, 2021

We're lucky enough to have "Palmerston North's funny girl" with us today!

Enter the hilarious and delightful comedian Laura Daniel - who lights up any screen or stage she graces. 

We walk about those first few gigs - including getting heckled by her dad.

And, a really awesome love story between her and her fiancé AND comedian partner Joseph Moore. 

Matthew Saville

Matthew Saville

October 25, 2021

Matthew Saville and I recorded our first episode way back in August when he was JUST about to release his first feature length film Juniper.

And, well, we all know what happened in August (Delta came) which meant his release date was postponed.

So we thought we’d catch up again seeing as August feels like ten years ago, to chat about this amazing film I thoroughly enjoyed.

Matthew has worked extensively as a writer, director, and actor across film, theatre, and television.

Amazingly, for his first feature length he managed to secure award-winning actress Charlotte Rampling to travel across the world to play Ruth, the alcoholic Grandmother.

Juniper will be out in cinemas across New Zealand from October 28.

Michael Ashton

Michael Ashton

October 18, 2021

Today’s guest is the extremely talented Makeup Artist Michael Ashton - a Kiwi with skills that are so world class, he’s got a quite a few famous clients.

One of them being Adele. Yes I said Adele. And I think that word on its own says it all really. So, we’ll find out about how THAT eyeliner came to be and whether Michael can help me become friends with Adele too...



David Farrier

David Farrier

October 11, 2021

I've been hanging out to chat with investigative journalist and documentary maker David Farrier for a while now, so this big long decent yarn, best dissected with a long walk or maybe even a nice drink (or both haha).

From his hilarious TV3 sign off from back in the day, to chasing Mongolian Death Worms, interviewing Colin Craig in the sauna, to now spending a lot of time looking into conspiracy theories - this guy is just so interesting and awesome.

Here's the link to David's Webworm:

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